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that. we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. and go to greta there is an open thread. see you tomorrow night. city. f. demand fbn. >> right. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, and yes, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: it's a great day at "the five." a year ago today was the first day. and our co-host kimberly guilfoyle and juan williams will join us later. we have surprises for you. we hope you stay with us for the hour. but first, get to news. supreme court may have upheld obamacare but today the house voted to repeal it again. that included five democrats. the house has voted more than 30 times to scrap defund or undercut the law since obama signed it in 2010. efforts that went nowhere in a democratic controlled senate. listen to what both sides are saying. here is former house speaker nancy pelosi and current house speaker john boehner. >> the affordable care act is striking on the middle class, striking on the entrepreneurial spirit of america. it
was the first day. and our co-host kimberly guilfoyle and juan williams will join us later. we have surprises for you. we hope you stay with us for the hour. but first, get to news. supreme court may have upheld obamacare but today the house voted to repeal it again. that included five democrats. the house has voted more than 30 times to scrap defund or undercut the law since obama signed it in 2010. efforts that went nowhere in a democratic controlled senate. listen to what both sides are saying. here is former house speaker nancy pelosi and current house speaker john boehner. >> the affordable care act is striking on the middle class, striking on the entrepreneurial spirit of america. it's about innovation, prevention and wellness. it's not just about healthcare, but about healthy america. let's stop this legislation. let's get with building initiative for job creation. >> when the bill passed we were promised that the healthcare law would lower cost and help create jobs. one congressional leader suggested it would create 400,000 new jobs. guess what? it didn't happen. american people were
pretty hefty fight they have coming up. >> dana: watching this reminded me of when my mom and dad used to make me sit at the dinner table. sit there and wait. i was going to like it by the time, you know, the dish or whatever festered and i swallowed it down. in some ways i know that the democrats want to move on. america is not ready. why are you looking at me like that? >> greg: i didn't understand the metaphor. >> dana: you weren't ever told to sit there and finish the dinner >> greg: they kept me chained in a refrigerator in the garage. first, how could you see boehner? he blended in the paneling of the room. >> dana: is it summer. >> greg: i agree with eric, the vote is like the magic markers you see at places where you use a $50 bill or a $20 bill and they use the magic marker. it's a marker for common sense to see how you vote. they only got five dems but again, to see who is going to take the side. and the consequences that will happen later. >> dana: that is why they would never take it up in the senate. democrats on the ropes in the senate that would not get re-elected. >> an
developments right here on the record. make sure you let us know what you thought about tonight's health care special, keep it here on fox news canal. good night and happy 4th of july. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ >> bob: hello, everybody. happy independence day. i'm bob beckel. this is "the five." we're excited about today. we have taken the show outside to the sidewalks of new york city. i'm joined by my co-host, kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. we've got one of the finest barbecue experts in the country here to teach us how to make finger-licking good ribs and more. you just heard incredible military band, the hell cats from west point. we're so glad our troops can join to us celebrate america's 236 birthday today. this hour is going to be unlike any other you've seen on "the five." we have games, contests, and it's hot out here. so we a tank of water to cool one of us off. that's right. someone is going in the dunk tank that you see here. who is it going to be? well, we'll see. all right. i am going to walk over and tal
with the revelry routine and they called us the hell cats that woke them from their slumber. >> bob: they had to get up and get everybody up? >> absolutely. >> bob: get dressed up like this? i couldn't make it in this group. when did state-of-the-art? >> when george washington established garrison of west point in 1778, he put a pfeiffer and drummer, just like we heard on the opening sequence of "yankee doodle" so since 1778 there were musicians at west point. >> bob: george washington did not sleep at my house. did he sleep at your house? >> not at my house. >> bob: this started with george washington. what is hell cats' mission today? your responsibility? >> to be with the corps of cadets, train them, educate them and inspire them so when they go in and they graduate from west point, they go out in the army as officers and have the way to inspire the troops and be great leaders of character. as they enter their career. >> bob: my co-hosts could they make it here? gutfeld? >> i don't know. >> bob: there is a certain -- >> i think he could. i think he could. i think he has the stature for it.
term and the race too close to call. mr. cool, starting to sweat the campaign. but those of us who didn't get a ticket to ride aboard the obama bus, don't worry, you are always welcome on "the five" ride. welcome on, buckle up. a lot of stops. first stop, mitt romney. it's a tax already. >> the majority of the courts said it's a tax. therefore it is a tax. they have spoken. there is no way around that. >> eric: next stop, president obama had a few choice words for those of us who doubt him. >> i'll work with anybody who wants to work with me to continue to improve our healthcare system and our healthcare laws. but the law i pass is here to stay. >> eric: now beckel insisted i get ann romney on "the five" ride so here you go. >> they are going to do everything they can to destroy mitt. we heard early on what their strategy was. it was kill romney. that's the memo from their campaign. not when i'm next to him, you better not. >> eric: by far, the most popular stop on "the five" trail is this. >> who are we missing again? oh, no! oh! >> eric: i don't know. i have no idea where to start tha
it and accepteds his prayers to the folks of aurora. >> thank you. thank you for being with us tonight. for the latest on the shooting here in colorado, stay tuned to fox newschannel throughout the weekend. good night from colorado. with a live edition of the o'reilly captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another sad day in america and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. bad things happen to good people all the time. nobody knows why. it is just the way life is. once again, we have mass murder in america and the killer is a young man who was simply out of his mind. nobody's fault. no policy deficit. it is just an atrocity that is impossible to explain. this is the fifth time in 13 years an american has committed mass murder. columbine, colorado, april 20, 1999. 13 dead. 26 wounded. after two students shot them down. the two then committed suicide. april 1 16, 2007. a deranged man on the virginia tech campus kills 33 people including himself. no motive for the homicides. november 5, 2009. army
they may use their own incendiary device and put it in there, in to his apartment to try to set some of the booby traps off. they don't know what they are dealing with. they have had a number of bomb technicians, robots there. look and ladder trucks look through the windows, trying to basically dissect what has happened inside this suspect's apartment. we know there is a number of coke side bottles contained liquid. wires connecting them all. there are what look to be trip devices inside. we told while the suspect initially was cooperating, now he is not speaking to authorities at all. he lawyered up. so those are the three locations near here. now you have places to find out about the loved ones and police headquarters where the suspect is being interviewed. as i told you a moment ago, he's now not cooperated we're told because he has a lawyer and stopped talking. there is a lot going on here, folks. behind me. we still, of course, have a crime scene there are still bodies inside. authorities are doing what they can to try and get the notification out to loved ones because it's impo
about my own past and about things i used to believe in. but if he agreed it was in context, then he's underlining everything he's ever believed in as a big government liberal. let me finish. if he claims it's out of context, then basically he's throwing himself under the bus. >> that's -- that's if you believe your definition. the fact is barack obama cut taxes on small businesses, $250 billion. i don't know anybody else who has done this. >> wait a minute. he used stimulus money. >> that's right. >> so, it's a tax cut. >> stop, think about it. >> i'm not going to stop. >> it's using taxpayer money to give their own money back. what you said is important. i didn't mean that, i meant roads and bridges. so you're telling us, president obama, you didn't build those roads and bridges so the roads and bridges made your business successful? that's what he's trying to say? that's as alarming as saying you didn't build your own business. >> and if what he said was true, why isn't everybody wildly successful? companies and people who paid the taxes to build the roads, everybody should be suc
the weapons on him am second handgun, glock inside the car. not sure if he used that one as well. but basically, he went in custody without incident and was tuke them somewhat. they won't tell you what he was saying or how open he was. they told him enough to know he booby-trapped the apartment. so they went there right away. he told them other information as well, they are not going to confirm with us. we do know, we have had our people confirm the guns he purchased were in the area and purchased legally. atf is looking closely at all of that to ensure everything was done correctly. he did have a massive magazine for his assault rifle. one of the bass pro shops where he bought one of the weapons was down the street from here. he passed it on the airport on the way in to come to the location. a lot of information gathered. a lot more. they have no idea how many rounds this suspect shot. that tells you how many rounds were fired. one went in to another theater through the wall. you have that going on. really the concern, two main areas. behind me, it's sure to get bodies properly
investigation to be absolutely sure that that is the case. >> and joining us now from the scene of the crime on the phone is jon scott. so you are a colorado native. can you provide some perspective for us? >> bill, i am struck as i come out here. it is a crystal blue sky today. a light breeze blowing. it is warm. it is what everybody comes to colorado for. the fantastic weather and outdoor scenery and the lifestyle. friendly people here and yet another tragedy happened just like it happened 13 years ago at columbine. >> bill: is there a culture in colorado that is casual about firearms because you know that is going to come up. when i lived there in the 1970s. everybody was outdoors. there is a western tradition where everybody has access to guns and this guy bought his guns legally i understand. but people they respect firearms there. but it isn't difficult to get them? >> it is not difficult to get them and i think there is a respect and healthy kind of respect for firearms here. when i lived here in my early 20s i had a rifle rack in the back of my pickup and would go up in the mountains
: you triggered it. >> greg: your legs are the sexiest things. >> kimberly: you could use nair on those. >> eric: by the way, we'll talk a lot more about the fourth of july special we aired yesterday later in the show. let's start with the top, though. kimberly, you pointed out, back on this. it's important. it's a tax already. >> kimberly: listen, he is delayed. delay of game. throw a flag on it. i would have liked to come out and get ahead of the story, one making the charge saying this is a tax, talk about the numbers, what it's going to do to american people, to the economy, to the middle class. instead of being behind the story. not going so far from others who called for an extreme makeover to the campaign, advisors but you got to get after it believing november be here before you know it. >> bob: that wasn't question of being delayed. his campaign came out right away and said it was not a tax. it was in fact a fine. so what romney is doing is correcting his own campaign, which the "wall street journal" pointed out exactly light. >> kimberly: is that a good idea? >> bob: no. it's
't close little used post offices. >> if this private enterprise had in would be closed. >> he closed parts of government. >> and the party in government. >> you, me. >> think they are generous. government incorporated, that is our show today. >> john: government incorporated that is what we called tonight's show. what does that mean. it means government means the private sector ought to be. making go health care, the mail. transportation. who can do it faster and cheaper if government steps aside and greet greedy competitors compete. we see that in real life. post office couldn't get there in overnight. they bring in managers and they still couldn't. but then fed ex happened. united parcel service, they could. now even the post office does it sometimes. but the private sector does everything better. i'll give you a thousand dollars. you can name one thing that government does more efficiently. we need government to do some things i'm talking more efficient. there is nothing. but even though the private sector is more efficient but bureaucrats wanted their tentacles on everything. we are im
a pretty good show but boy was it quick. thanks for joining us tonight. i'll see you again tomorrow morning at 9:00 onu at 8:00. >> eric: hello, everybody. i'm eric bolling, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new y city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: well, there he is. just hours ago, president obama deplaning air force one, our $85 million air force one. as he kicked off his betting on america bus tour today. but with only 125 days left in his term and the race too close to call. mr. cool, starting to sweat the campaign. but those of us who didn't get a ticket to ride aboard the obama bus, don't worry, you are always welcome on "the five" ride. welcome on, buckle up. a lot of stops. first stop, mitt romney. it's a tax already. >> the majority of the courts said it's a tax. therefore it is a tax. they have spoken. there is no way around that. >> eric: next stop, president obama had a few choice words for those of us who doubt him. >> i'll work with anybody who wants to work with me to continue to improve our healthcare system and our healthca
an open thread. tell us what you think about the issues discussed tonight. good night from washington, d.c.. tonight at 8:00. >> hello, i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, eric boling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >>> president obama has taken a lot of heat for his now infamous you didn't build that comment to american businessmen and entrepreneurs. the latest line, now blame mitt romney. >> governor romney was at it again. knowingly twisting my words around to suggest i don't value small businesses. now, you know, look, in politics we tolerate a certain amount of spin. i understand these are the games that get played in political campaigns. although when folks just like omit entire sentences of what you said they start splicing and dicing, you may have gone over the edge there. >> splicing and dicing. now folks, you've heard the quote in its entirety. can't blame bush, can't blame wall street, can't blame congress so now it's mitt romney's fault. >> you can blame wall street and congress but what the president said was h
you used to say? >> bob: she said it's right. i don't care if you call it a tax or a penalty. it is what it is. we now have insurance for every american and it's about time. it isn't socialized. >> greg: a country as wealthy as our, means we're paying for it. why you give blanket coverage for everybody, state-of-the-art stuff is far more expensive and you will hurt a lot of people. >> bob: you are paying for it now. >> greg: not as much. >> dana: they will all be eating crow. >> greg: good for your skin. >> bob: we'll see. >> kimberly: crow sandwich? have you seen me moving? in motion. five in motion i want to talk about the conservative movement an how it coalesces behind this. different interpretation. how it's viewed and how the conservatives should take this in terms of campaign going forward in 2012 for the november election. we have sound here that repeals some of the other conservative. >> bob: speak for yourself. >> the washington new york media runs the supreme court of the united states. they run the chief justice. they can intimidate and they did. >> he thought tha
are using their burn rate, spending a lot of money on turnout. >> your point about mitt romney being competent on the economy is so far out of whack. he's a hedge funds operator who didn't -- >> oh my god. >> and tax havens for people who didn't want to pay taxes. >> so he's never done anything. >> no. >> he saved jobs, created jobs. >> shipped jobs to china and mexico. >> if he says that enough, people will believe it. >> mitt romney has a resumÉ with considerable experience and he's definitely crushing it against obama in terms of the committee. the only -- economy. the only thing obama is doing better on is foreign possible. >> his resumÉ is bain capital. anything else? >> you've turned the segment around to suit your needs. this segment was is president obama losing it? if he thinks the economy is working. >> why should we run every segment about obama losing? what about romney losing? why, we're outnumbered. >> we're trying to figure out why the flub has more staying power than a tattoo on viagra. it's not going well. he's not denying the american dream. he's trying to grasp t
is live. he just moved within 50-yards of the apartment. adam? >> they let us move about five minutes guy. the best vantage we had so far today. they took small samples of explosives.s to g they are going to allow people back into the sur rounding apartment complexes within the hour. the windows have been knocked out. so shades are still dangling there. that is the way some of the bomb tech nations got the look inside the apartment where so much stuff was found. i was told by federal authorities it was intricate and there was all sorts of wires everywhere but the actual devices themselves were amateur but still dangerous and the front door was set up to kill. we will listen to the explosion in a second. i will explain what that did. take a listen. [horn sounding press conference bring. >> those were the three warning signals we got. and then we had to wait about ten seconds for the explosion to happen. that allowed people to get and take cover. take a listen here in a second. you will hear it. [explosion] >> it seemed like it took forever. what that was was a water bomb set inside and it
that it is bankrupting us. and he works for the government but you would be surprised how much government you won't miss. he is mitch daniels, indiana governor. >> you won't miss a lot of real estate they own. you won't miss things like vehicles and planes they tend to accumulate. you won't miss the lousy service. we call it the yellow pages tests, it's in there and conceivably government shouldn't be doing itself. if it's in the yellow pages there are more than a competitors offerings it. you say government shouldn't do it. if somebody is doing this all day er day, maybe they are better at it. they have the incentive to get better. >> john: they just want money. they are greedy. you are a public servant. you are doing it for the people. >> i love the sarcasm you put your finger on the real question. >> john: people feel that way. >> yes, there is a certain, another form of greed, it's the human tendency to get ahead and make money and that is power over people. that is the constant danger in government that needs to be guarded against. >> john: you mentioned that property government holds on. you lease
. >> barack obama attempt to denigrate and diminish the achievement of the individual, diminishes us all. we all of course recognize the power of all of us working together. we're united nation. he defines us. he tries to divide america. tear america apart. he tries to diminish those who have been successful in one walk of life or another. it's simply wrong. >> dana: okay. bob is not commenting but he is groaning. i don't think he liked that. >> bob: i'm sorry, i just got yelled at in my ear. it can't k not dignify this with a comment. >> bob: we dignify -- >> bob: no, you don't. >> greg: i sit here and i take public -- >> bob: if you would like me to -- if it will bother anybody to say this is marxist and bill ayers does our foreign policy. and i mean -- >> that is not what i said, bob. that is not what i said. >> bob: how do you comment on that? >> eric: those are his influences. saul alinsky is community organizing background. he a mitts to. that bill ayers, one of his best friend. >> bob: you said it was his foreign policy. >> eric: that is where he gets his foreign policy. >> bob: does
here, live tomorrow. we have alan west with us. we have the former commander of the uss bolt. we honor our independence looking at the dollar and the sense of it as well. have a great fourth. >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle, with bob bob, eric bolling -- bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: the fall-out from the supreme court obamacare ruling is still being absorbed. critical question has emerged. has the individual mandate dictating that everyone buys health insurance a tax or a penalty? my good friend eric bolling asked new jersey governor chris christie about it this morning on "fox and friends." >> is obamacare a tax? >> sure. yeah. i mean, i've thought all along it was a tax. i don't think it's exclusively a tax or penalty. it's both. it's meant to penalize people and is it a tax no, doubt. >> kimberly: you heard from the man himself. bolling asked the question. the obama administration is having a hard time figuring out what to call it. because they promise there wo
this weekend. watching the forecast for us, meteorologist justin, the heatwave taking up most of the nation's weather map. >> that's right. of course we expect hot temperatures this time of the year heading into week two of summer officially. we don't like to see this much heat, temperatures breaking records from denver, colorado eastbound to atlanta, georgia up into the upper 100s this afternoon. a clash of the air masses has fueled these giant clusters of storms. yesterday's cluster historic. these have been rolling quickly east and southeast cooler to the north warmth and humidity to the south, clash of the air masses dangerous recipe for severe weather. >> harris: we heard our correspondent in colorado saying cooler temperatures helped. not everybody is as hot as everybody else right now. >> that's right. the core of the heat is centered across the plain states slicing throughout the deep south. we will see some of this heat retreat and build back into the front rages not good news also aided by low relative humidity and dry thunderstorms. we need the rain throughout colorado and new me
use roads when i get to work where i am success. so did ted bundy. he used roads. so did the manson family. i'm sure they drove down a fee highways and jeffrey dahlmer. if you take credit for people's success then you obviously deserve credit for evil deeds. that's what gods do, bob. >> bob: this is henry ford's own words. >> greg: i'm talking about obama's. >> bob: wait. this is what henry ford said about the road act of 1915. he couldn't have built cars. >> greg: a different time. of course there were no roads. >> bob: but without them he couldn't have built and done the model t. ford factory. >> andrea: is that a winning campaign strategy? >> bob: i don't think this whole thing is a big -- eric thinks it's a big deal. it's ridiculous. you laugh it off, but i refuted everything you said. >> eric: president obama said if you succeed, someone gave you help. if you have a business, you didn't build it. somebody else made it happen. isn't that speech that fired up mitt romney, or a constant person attack? 37,000 negative ads so far against the guy. bain capital, where are your taxes?
tonight's show. just for you to join the rest of us. keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington, d.c.. it on audiotape. >> welcome back. >> kimberly: hello. i'm kimberly with juan williams, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5 verz in energize. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ today, president obama called for a one-year extension of the bush era tax cuts for the middle class. >> i'm not proposing anything radical. i believe anybody making over $250,000 a year go back to the income tax rates we paid under clinton. when the economy create 22 million jobs, biggest budget surplus in history and milliontarys to boot. -- millionaires to boot. i cut taxes every year i was president. cut taxing for typical family by $3600. i want to repeat that because sometimes there is misinformation out there. >> kimberly: republicans rejected the proposal as a tax hike for working families and small businesses and comes on the heel of a grim job report that shows unemployment stuck above 8%. as a tax man, is this campaign going to turn the economy around as fast as he is propo
a dividend tax hike -- for all of us. >> greg: this phone is already ringing. hello, everyone. i'm the jocular jedi, greg gutfeld. more mighty than aphrodite, andrea tantaros. more tales than school of whales. bob beckel. he knows the euro zone, it's eric bolling. america's shrinky-dink. it's dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is 10% of 50. the show is packed tighter than baghdad bazaar, so let's do this america. you remember this guy lex, the guy with the mustache, who earned his nobel prize? the former polish president endorsed mitt for president. that has to hurt obama. what can you say when a man who helped defeat communism endorses your opponent? what can you say when a man who brought economic profession perty to people -- prosperity to people. if you're a palestinian authority you call him a racist. if you're ahmadinejad you agree with nancy pelosi that mitt meeting the jews was all about the cash. lex thinks mitt is it. palestinian authority and ahmadinejad don't. if you are a liberal, this split should make you question which side you should be on. when someon
burden will increase. those are the same people who create the jobs. adp told us 54% of jobs created for the month were by small businesses. job creators and the people earning money are taxed at a higher rate. he couches it in a 3% number. there is a lot in there. >> kimberly: is he misleading the public? he seems to harken bah to past administrations. look at the mess created we tried to do it their way, and everything is a disaster. >> dana: i found it mystifying why they decided today of all days to do this. the only thing different previously before this morning's announcement, president obama was for permanently extenting the tax rate. now he is for a one-yeark extension that won't provide anyone the certainty they need going forward. in addition to, that there is no explanation how will it create jobs? there is a missing link. he, himself, had an opportunity to roll back bush era tax cuts if he wanted to, the first three years in office. he had mo jr.ty of the -- majority of the house and senate. in the lame duck session of 2010 he said the worst thing you can do in recession
how to say his name. they use a letter not in our alphabet. >> bob: have you ever been to polish neighborhood in america? same problem. >> greg: is it? haven't been in polish neighborhood. but i love sausage. some say i love it too much. cokie roberts talking about the trip to poland was all courting the white polish voters. do you buy that? >> bob: sure. what is the great mystery here. you make plans going places. why did he go to poland? because walesa was going to endorse him. that is a good thing. because there are large enclave of polish ethnic voters in the northeast, particularly, that have been broken off from the democratic party. nice way to send a message. i don't think anything is wrong with that. obama went to germany because he gave a big speech. >> dana: i think there is a different strategy. if you have a chance i encourage everybody to read the whole speech. it's really good. one, there is a theme here. one, obviously the olympics. that makes sense since he was involved in the olympics here. recent speech talks about the kinship between america and england. ameri
gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." >>> i'm worried about president obama. he used to be so focused and clear but lately he sounds confused. here he is just a few weeks ago. >> the private sector's doing fine. >> doing fine. this economy, sir, come on. a few days ago even more detached from reality. >> if you've got a business, that -- you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> that was probably just a hangover from a long campaign road trip but then he said this. >> just like we've tried their plan, we tried our plan and it worked. that's the difference. [ cheers and applause ] that's the choice in this election. that's why i'm running for a second term. >> worked? it worked? you're sounding crazy and stuff. president obama says his economy is working. what is he smoking. >> sometimes term limits don't come quick enough. he's in big trouble because everybody's on damage control. he sent out the troops to the sunday talk shows. they care, they know it's resonating and damaging to him. escape able of -- he's a public speaker able to connect with people
department says u.s. economic growth slowed to a rate of just 1.5% from april to june. 100 days isn't going to be a lot of time to be able to turn the economy around. republicans are hoping to prove that by putting out this new ad to persuade voters it's okay to make a change. eric, how damaging -- >> half the deficit. strengthen the economy. lower unemployment. what did we get? national debt over 15 trillion and climbing. unemployment over 8% for 40 straight months. no end in sight. he tried. you tried. it's okay to make a change. >> eric, how damaging is it for the president? >> terrible. 1 1/2 gdp growth is not only subpar, it will raise the price of the stimulus package because a lot of it was based on 3% growth. the cbo next year and the year after and the year after will come back and score obamacare 'cause the cost of obamacare will skyrocket. let's talk about $15 trillion, a couple things. if you take one dollar bills, check out this deck. here is a stack. here is $500. if you stacked one dollar bills this way, $15 trillion would be 1.07 million miles to the sky or to -- wait a minu
, actually. i think about it, it was pretty smart line to use all the way around. it plays off of obama in 2008. here is the good news for obama. mitt romney. his disasterous trip so far -- >> how do you define that? >> can i bring up the headlines in the british newspapers about obama? -- i mean about romney is do we got those? just tell us. >> i guess not, bob. >> i'll compare the two. here we go. this is romney's headlines, mitt falls at the first hurdle of romney's diplomatic gaffement romney loses way with gaffe about the games. let's take a look at barak obama's headlines. >> what's a gaffe? what's the gaffe from these liberal headlines? >> first of all, some of these are conservative newspapers. let me look at obama's headlines from his 2008 trip to britain. and it said, the two men of destiny. cameron and obama strike up a special relationship. sunday herald, not quite a tour deforce. worries mccain. skinny kid with a funny name. >> can i respond to this? here is the thing, this is why you should vote for mitt romney. for example, if you have a doctor and your doctor sees a mole
sat in front of the judge. give us a sense. we saw the bizarre facial expressions and demeanor of this guy. what information did he give you or maybe even a prosecutor with all these kind of wacky actions? >> well, first of all we don't know what the defense will be down the road but this is not aa whodunit. he left a trail of bread crumbs. he waited outside in a parking lot for the police until they arrested him and there were a million clues. the question is whether he's insane. no one has said the insanity defense will be raised but that's what the defense will raise. he walked into a courtroom and looked bizarre. wearing a jumpsuit, police jumpsuit, you look guilty. everybody would. he sits down, he's emotionless, so flat and sort of an empty body that walked in. he made weird eye gestures. i have no clue what that is. i thought it was peculiar that he was emotionless. he's listened to his lawyers saying don't move. no outbursts or nothing. the defense lawyers are well aware there are victims in the courtroom and don't want to enrage the victims. or he's that bizarre and th
of this statement included not just government but other things. however, let us keep in mind, because of the government, all internet, plastics, computer chips, gps, light weight materials, nuclear power plant, thomas edison credit for the lightbulb. >> andrea: who paid for that? who paid for that? >> bob:s the did. am i supposed to i help -- >> andrea: the taxpayers or -- [over talk ] >> bob: what you are saying is i paid for the guys and i helped them get the business. right? >> andrea: bids owners. >> bob: no. you just said that -- >> andrea: who do you think pays taxes? >> bob: you said the taxpayers paid for these things and the businesses used to get successful. i paid to do that. fine. >> andrea: the ones you're citing. i'm talking about examples, greg, like the small business owners that doesn't take the handout, the subsidy or the booster, the one that comes to work every day and takes a risk and goes to debt and works every weekend -- nuclear's not what obama cited. >> andrea: that is exactly what he said. no, he's not. >> greg: i forgot what the question was. here is the th
. we will keep america on the earth and bring back the strength that provides a bright future for us and for our children. >> eric: you know, i had a hunch yesterday, that the antibusiness comment would come back to haunt obama. just a matter of time before romney said enough class warfare and enough demonizing hard-working americans and enough for the damn socialist agenda for the country. this mitt romney, where has he been? >> andrea: this is the one we've been waiting for. right? punch back, down a couple red bulls. he did. the country needed a pep talk. he hit back. over the weekend there were stories he'd hit back. people were going just do it all right. i think he is the one that can be unapologetic about success. what the white house is arguing we should have a unsuccessful president. we have one now and it's not working well. i say go mitt romney. >> bob: yeah. sure. your sociallism thing, american people waking up to sociallism, i'm sure everybody will get up and think about that. take a look -- i think romney gave a good speech. take his example and give you facts. bill ga
a horrific scene. people running, diving for cover, we're told a few used their own bodies to protect loved ones. some bleeding, but still alive, literally crawled from the theater to safety. others never made it out. in all, 71 people were hurt. several remain in critical condition. over the next hour, we will bring you updates from aurora and tell you more about the survivors of this tragedy and the 12 people who will never come home. adam house israeli live in aurora outside the suspect's apartment. >> we spoke last week, moved closer. we're 90 feet or so from the front of the complex. go across the street, this is the complex where everything has been focused since early, early yesterday morning. if you look through the window, you'll see one of the investigators inside. there are atf agents, f.b.i. agents, and the aurora police department. they put up black plastic over the windows. you can see where they knocked the windows out throughout the day. that's part of the way they had a chance to look inside assess the situation. we know about the explosions. you can see they have four wind
's romney's baiting of them to boo them to use it as a campaign thing. how can both things be true? >> greg: the way they attack george bush. he's an id yoit and evil genius. either romney is stupid or machiavellian. he is not as machiavellian as i wish he was. >> andrea: it's foolish for them to bring up in 2001 mitt romney was either running the olympics very well, or he was ceo of a company while president obama was -- what was he doing? let me think. organizing picnics. >> eric: look at what we are doing here. that is what cable news television show on the planet. five of rus sitting here. we let one guy talk to us about boos and if he a felon or not. not talking about 8.2% unemployment. three american cities are bankrupt. >> bob: you made that in your open very, very clearly. like you always do. he got boos, simple. two weeks out in campaign in blue color districts. that's why. >> greg: romney cannot win or lose. romney was himself and labeled a racist. if he tried to change himself like hillary did, where you speak, you change the way you speak for an audience then he would have been
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